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Simple Trick to Pick a High Quality Multi Vitamin

Have you ever stood in front of an endless isle of Multi Vitamins, and you know you need to take one, but how in the World do you pick.

In this article I will give you the super simple trick to rule a Multi Vitamin in or out in less than 30 seconds.

The dirty little secret in the Vitamin world is there are many products made with cheap synthetic vitamins.  These cheap synthetic vitamins are often not absorbed well, or it may take so many steps to finally get it to its active form it loses its effectiveness.

The same can be said for many of the minerals included.  Many times they are in their oxidized form. This would be similar to going outside and licking a metal pole or sucking on a rock to get your minerals. It doesn’t make sense and that is why I developed a super fast and easy trick, to navigate that endless isle full of Vitamins or scrolling through the internet.

The simple and easy trick starts by looking on the back of the bottle at the SFP better know as the Supplement Facts Panel.  Look for the B12.. you may need to look in the ingredients list.  If it says cyanocobalamin.. thumbs down.. that is the cheap and synthetic form of B12.  If they took the short cut here, it is likely they chose the cheaper synthetic version of a lot of other vitamins and minerals. At that point it’s best to move on.

When I formulated PERFECT HEALTH the powerful professional grade all in one Multi Vitamin for Hope Essentials We decided that we would only use the best forms of Vitamins and Minerals so our customers would get the best results.  The B12 we use is methyl cobalamin.  It is much more bio available, and retained in the body longer. 

If you would like to check out the Impressive list of ingredients in PERFECT HEALTH  click the link.

With this super fast and simple trick you will be able to quickly weed through the high quality Multi Vitamins and the cheaper ones.

I Hope this Helps

Be Your Very Best Today


And I believe that God wants the Very Very Best for You and the Day You Believe that it could change your life forever.  Have an Awesome Awesome Day!


Dr. Jim

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  • I thank God for Hope essentials I begin taking the vitamins when they were first launched the first week I noticed I had more energy my sleeping is better, I have arthritis in my lower back and I have knee pain the pain is not as severe as it was before I begin taking hope essential! Taking hope essential with CBD oil you have a winner!!! God gets the glory !!

    Nannie Royal

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