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Does Your Prenatal Vitamin make you want to Barf?

My wife was so excited when we found out she was pregnant.  It was the result of a lot of trying, lots of tears and heartache, and numerous Doctor’s visits.  She had plans after so much trouble getting pregnant that she was going to eat so incredibly healthy that our baby would get the very best nutrition possible.

Then it happened!! The smells ugh, the tastes ugh, the thought of certain foods ugh, the texture of certain foods ugh. She had so much nausea in the first 6 months of being pregnant... the only things she liked and would keep down were chicken nuggets and backed potatoes.  

So you are Nauseous Too? That is super common and many times the all too important Prenatal Vitamin you are taking is not helping you out in this regard.


These are Dr. Jim’s 3 Tips if your Prenatal Vitamin makes you want to barf.

1: take your prenatal with food.  With the extra food in your stomach your Prenatal Vitamin is less likely to irritate or aggravate your stomach or digestive system and that can help you out with Nausea.

2: Make sure your Prenatal Vitamin uses chelated minerals.  Many prenatal vitamins use the oxidized forms of minerals.  Things like Zinc Oxide (also the white paste life guards put on there noses to protect from sunburn) can upset stomachs and cause nausea in people who are not pregnant.. so imagine what these oxidized minerals will do to your already touchy stomach.  Your want chelated minerals like zinc citrate, magnesium citrate, copper as a bisglycinate and so on.  (All of the minerals in Hope Essentials Prenatal called HOPE are chelated)

3: I also recommend a Prenatal that has stomach and digestive soothers as well.  Things like ginger root have been used for thousands of years for Nausea relief.  Artichoke extract has also been used in natural healing for indigestion and nausea.  Glutamine is an amino acid that helps soothe and heal the gut lining.  Extra B6 has also shown promise for those experiencing morning Sickness symptoms.

These 3 Tips can help you get the most out of your Prenatal Vitamin.  Nothing is worse than not getting in your Nutrition or being able to take and keep down your Prenatal Vitamin because it makes you want to barf.

This was such a great concern to my Wife and I, I formulated Hope Essentials prenatal called HOPE Perfect Prenatal.  It contains only the best forms of chelated minerals as well as Ginger Root, Artichoke Extract, Glutamine, and Extra B6 all to ease that tummy and provide all of the best nutrients so that World Changing Moms can grow Exceptional Babies.

HOPE Perfect Prenatal

Conceived in Faith

Grown in HOPE

Nourished With Love




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