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Two Tips to Increase your Energy in 30 Days

Energy is the Currency of Life

Do you struggle with Low Energy? Have you ever backed out of doing something fun with your friends or family because you needed to “rest”?

Well, don’t feel ashamed or alone.  It just so happens as a Natural Doctor it is one of the primary complaints I see in my office as well as the 100’s of people that reach out to me online. (Btw feel free to do that as well

In this article I will give you the Two tips that can have your energy back up and running at full tilt in 30 days.

But first, let’s talk about, Why is Energy so Important.  I believe with every ounce  of my being that you have a great purpose here on earth.  You were meant for greatness, you are a world changer. How are you going to accomplish your greater purpose without Energy.  You see Energy is the Currency of Life.  It is the currency that will help you accomplish your mission, your purpose, your goals.  Without it, you are going no where.  So if you are going to fulfill your God Given purpose you are going to need Energy to do it.

Follow these Two Tips for Increased Energy for 30 Days and start living your purpose.

1: Eat in a style that keeps your blood sugar balanced and stable.  The Standard American Diet usually starts with a heavily carbohydrate rich breakfast... cereal, toast, muffins, bagels, pancakes and waffles.  All of that converts easily into sugar in your blood stream.  That causes a spike in Insulin and a resulting crash in blood sugar.  This process gets repeated many times through out the day.  These constant swings up in blood sugar followed by the crash creates major energy drops through out the day.

How to fix it? Start you morning off with a more protein and healthy fat style breakfast.  This will help keep your blood sugar more steady and stable.  When you repeat this at lunch you are well on your way to less energy crashes day in and say out.

2: Give the cells the nutrients they need to convert food into fuel and that fuel into energy.  The Energy generators of the cells are called the Mitochondria.  This is where ATP is made and ATP is the carrier of all energy in the body. If you don’t make ATP efficiently you will struggle to have the Energy you want and need.  There are many vitamins and minerals required for the efficient production of ATP.  Some of the most notable are the B Complex Vitamins.  B1, B2, B3, Folate, and B12.  You need an ample supply of these important B vitamins.  Side note: not all B Vitamins are created equal.  A large percentage of the population has difficulty converting their B Vitamins into their active forms or the Methylated forms.  That is why at Hope Essentials we only use the best and most biologically active forms of B Vitamins like Methylated Folate and Methylcobalamin (B12).  These active forms of B Vitamins are already converted to there end form and instantly active to help fire up the energy production in your Mitochondria.


We are not talking about the fake energy, or the stimulant energy like in the countless number of sugar laden, caffeine packed energy drinks on the market.

We are talking about Natural, sustainable, life giving Energy so you can live your best life.

If you would like I did a Video on the subject as well.

You can get more information about a 30 Day Eating style that can improve your Energy by checking out my Hope30 program.  And at Hope Essentials we created a powerful, professional grade, all in one product with all of the most biologically active forms of the B Complex Vitamins so that you can start creating energy at the cellular level. The supplement is called PERFECT HEALTH .

You have a God Given Purpose.  Energy is the Currency you need to fulfill it.

Be Your Very Best Today


And I believe that God wants the Very Very Best for You and the Day You Believe that it could change your life forever.  Have an Awesome Awesome Day!


Dr. Jim



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