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Hope30 Prep For Pregnancy

Join us for our

Hope30 Prep For Pregnancy Program!

Join us for 30 Days while Dr. Jim and Nicole coach you in preparing your bodies for the miraculous journey of pregnancy! Women and Couples from all over the country will join together via LIVE Zoom and learn how to get their bodies ready and in optimum health PRIOR to their pregnancy! 
  • Nightly Zooms with a community of women and couples focused on getting their bodies ready for their pregnancy journey
  • Personalized Nutrient and Mineral assessment to see what your body needs before and during your pregnancy
  • Eating plan for optimal reduction of inflammation and weight (if desired)
  • Private consultations with Dr. Holland to share your journey and set goals for the future
  • And so much more! 
We are registering NOW for our next round! Visit the link below to get more information and to register! We can't wait to hear your story!